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  1. Q1. What to do if I face any problem during registration or in my account ?

  2. Send your query via whatsapp on 9471792543.Please wait for at least 24 hours for response. You can also mail your query to info@successpapa.com

  3. Q2.Can I use my account from multiple mobile/computers?

  4. No ,You should access your account from one mobile/computer only. When you use different devices to access course, Admin team will delete your account. We strongly suggest you not to share your ID & password with your friends or anyone else.

    In case you need to access course from other device due to genuine reason like .phone lost or switching to a new phone.You should whatsapp on 9471792543.Also,you can mail to: info@successpap.com

  5. Q3.Is there any previous technical knowledge required to join DLE?

  6. No, You can start with common knowledge which everyone have.

  7. Q4. Do we need to pay any amount of fee for DLE(DIgi Learn Earn) other than course fee paid at time of registration?

  8. You are supposed to pay only once for DLE (Digi Learn Earn).Then you can access video lectures for one year .You don’t need to pay any extra money for Digi Learn Earn.

  9. Q5. When student can register for DLE?

  10. Students can start registering for DLE from 24.04.2020.

  11. Q6. When will DLE video lectures be uploaded?

  12. DLE video lectures will be uploaded from 26.04.2020 onwards with one lecture and a task .These task are extremely fruitful for students taking DLE course .

  13. Q7. Is the course fee paid refundable ?

  14. Course fee paid at the time of registration is non-refundable